I have been thinking of starting a blog for some time now.  Being an accountant, I approached it logically and started with some research on the best way to write a blog, its content, the theme, etc.  I had various ideas but I wasn’t sure if anyone would want to read what I wrote.  Do the posts all have to be on the same subject?  Does it need to be all organised?  What am I trying to achieve? I have spent few months contemplating all this. In all this thinking time, many thoughts and memories have passed by; many potential posts have been written in my head and washed away by the next thought.

It was probably the recent experience of forgetting my ipad on a plane to Dubai and three hours spent in the airport’s lost and found department that got me here. When I realised that I had left my ipad on the plane, the loss that bothered me most wasn’t for the ipad but for the few random pieces of text and poetry that I had written with the hope of one day posting them on my blog or including them in some publication. In those three hours I realised how much sharing my work with readers meant to me, how I would like to share my thoughts with people, get their feedback, start a discussion, be known as a writer.

I am normally not someone who shares a lot of information about myself with people. I am one of those few exceptional cases whose life isn’t painted on their facebook wall. However, I am very passionate about people sharing how they feel, what they are going through and their experiences. Some of the most beautiful conversations that I have had with people – sometimes those I have only met once or twice – have been about their thoughts and feelings. But we don’t allow ourselves the luxury of indulging in such real chat very often. I have especially noticed this in my corporate work environment – I see many people in a guarded state as a display of emotions or feelings can be considered a weakness. While some of us shake off the corporate cloak when we leave work, few others forget to do so. It is these people who inspire me to be human at work and remind me how important it is to be ourselves and share our feelings.

Writing is my way of self-expression and I want to share my thoughts, views and feelings with people hoping that they will like what they read. More importantly, I hope that I can inspire one of you to take off the corporate or any other figurative cloak that puts a stop on your emotions and feelings to escape your mind. There is a sense of freedom and joy that comes with letting yourself express how you are feeling and releasing your emotions. Try it – talk, write, sing, paint – any form of expression that helps you release your emotions and feelings is good for you.

So, after plenty of research for few months for a theme and name for my blog, I decided to name it ‘feeltalkshare’.  I just want to share my thoughts and feelings with you as I make my way through life.  Please comment and send me your feedback – this will be very much appreciated.  Also, if you would like to share how you feel, please give yourself the freedom to do so.