So it’s the 29th of February today.  I woke up this morning and the radio presenter was very excited about the day – he went on about myths and facts related to the day, how women propose to the love of their life on this day, etc.

I smiled as I got ready for work listening to all this – he made it seem such a special day!  Once I left home and started my usual light jog to the train station (I am generally late in the mornings), the grandness of the day that the radio presenter had managed to create probably fell somewhere on the way.

Usual routine accompanied the train to the platform – get a seat, answer any work emails on my blackberry; oh what’s this? Peering over the shoulder of another passenger, I read from his newspaper: it is likely to snow over Easter (boooo!), etc etc.  The everydayness of life took over from there on.


I just got back home and remembered again that it was a leap year and today is 29th February.  So I asked myself – what had I done with this extra day?  Was today an extra day or can I make any day this year an extra day and live it like that?  What will I do if I consciously said to myself – this is my extra day and I can do anything I want with it?  Will I live it like I lived today?

To be honest, I don’t have an answer to these questions – or maybe there are too many things I could do with a day that was set aside for me.  But then I thought what can I do now to make this day special?  What would be the one thing that will make me happy just now?  And then I decided to write this – I have been struggling last few days to write.  Normally I am really good with ideas but I think my writer’s brain has been on snooze mode for some days.

So here I am, randomly jotting down my thoughts hoping someone will read them.  Trust me – I am smiling as I write, satisfied that I am doing something that I want to do.  Maybe that’s what I need to learn from today – the 29th February – that I don’t need to wait for another four years to find time for myself.   That it is ok to pause the speed of life sometimes and just take out time to do what I enjoy doing.

Maybe that’s what we can all learn – find a little gap in our busy lives, slow down on the highway of daily life and spend some time taking baby steps on the path that we really want to pursue.