Who am I? Where do I belong?

What is my meaning?

Which one is my song?


In this space, that I stay … exist

In this daily journey, I struggle … persist.

Where am I going? What of me will become?

Living in the land of hopes, far away … near none.


Am I awake or fast asleep?

What do I find? What is it that I seek?

Is this journey mine? Or do behind others I run?

What is my joy?

Is it this that momentarily sounds fun?


Am I happy? Am I sad?

Is this reality or a dream I just had?

There is plenty around me but is this what I am after?

What is the reality behind my tears, joy, sadness and laughter?


What am I searching for? As I look for who I am?

Who do I want to become, if not who I am?

But what is ‘me’? How do I, this define?

Am I who you know? Or is that explanation just mine?


Why do I have more questions than answers so far found?

Have I come the right way? Or do I stop? Turn around?

Do I carry on further? Is this path the right one?

Do I continue my search or is this it? Am I done?


Guess it’s up to me how myself, I define.

What I call victory or sadness is all in me, it’s all mine.

There is nothing to lose if I carry on, I suppose.

Even if I find no answers and just more questions, I pose.

It’s all about the experience, the wise ones say.

As I carry on, each moment … every day.

Somewhere down the line, I am sure I will find.

What I am truly looking for, who I am and what’s mine.



Daily post prompt: Dramatic